Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More NICU pics

July 5, 2009: Anne-Claire weighed 6# 4oz and Elise weighed 5# 0.6oz. They look big in this picture together until I think about how narrow those bassinets are (about the size of a changing table) and they both fit inside with room to wiggle. Anne-Claire is on the left and Elise is on the right.

I didn't get many shots of their nurses, but here's one of Jan actually playing "Go Fish" with Emma out in the hallway. I met Jan for the first time when visiting the Phelps-Kelleher girls in the NICU when Sage and Lucy were in the room our girls would soon occupy. Jan was really great! We love her.

July 8, 2009: 6 weeks old, 38 weeks corrected; Anne-Claire weighed 6# 9oz and was 19.2 inches long, and Elise weighed 5# 7oz and was 18 inches long. The day before Anne-Claire weighed the same as her cousin Jordan when he was born (6# 6oz). Jordan and his twin, Justin, were born 3 weeks early, 19 years ago!
Elise and Anne-Claire, napping in their bouncers. I should post a picture of what they look like now in the bouncers--Annie's feet hang off the bottom.

Elise, up close


July 11, 2009: Close to going home!! Anne-Claire weighed 6# 13.4oz and Elise weighed 5# 9.6oz. Today, Elise is the same size as Justin at birth (5# 9oz).
Chris helping Becky with assessment of Elise. This is what we mostly did at the NICU--every 4 hours the babies got their diapers changed, temps taken, respirations counted, and fed.

Emma watching Becky give Elise a bottle while Anne-Claire sleeps in the background. Becky was one of our primary nurses at night. We loved her lots too.

Look at how big Emma's little hands are compared to Elise's head.

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